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Restart Upholstery is in the business of helping your business succeed! Our Restaurant Recovery Program is Winnipeg’s premier choice for overnight upholstery and commercial furniture repair.

Create An Inviting Atmosphere That Customers Love To Visit Over And Over Again

The right design choice makes a significant impact on the atmosphere you’re trying to create, and you can't overlook your seating in a restaurant. Even something as simple as bench upholstery can give the interior of your restaurant the ‘wow’ factor needed to attract more customers and grow your business.

With commercial furniture, wear and tear are bound to happen. Leaving tears and naturally occurring wear unchecked can allow it to worsen, leading to uncomfortable and unattractive seating. Of course, the issue with repairing your furniture is that you need to close off at least a part of your business while repairs are happening. Finding a way to repair your upholstery, without interrupting the flow of business, or disturbing your customers can be challenging.

Our Restaurant Recovery Program provides the perfect solution to this specific issue.

Keep Your Attention Where It Needs To Be – On Your Business

Our overnight upholstery service was designed with the restaurant industry’s needs in mind. We offer overnight upholstery services that help you bypass any inconveniences associated with your renovation projects. You just continue with business as usual, we’ll handle your repairs. We guarantee completion overnight, and before the next business day. Whether it’s a much-needed booth repair or bench upholstery for an interior overhaul, we work with you to revitalize your commercial furniture that very night, so there’s no need for adjusted hours or to close early.

The Restaurant Recovery Program makes custom upholstery and restaurant furniture repair easy. With over 10 years of experience, our skilled team has the know-how and expertise to deliver excellent work on time.

By working with local Winnipeg suppliers, we can guarantee next-day delivery as well as a wide range of materials to match any style, color, or type of furniture you have in mind.

In addition to overnight upholstery, we also offer custom upholstery jobs and booth and bench repair.

Keep your attention where it needs to be and never miss a beat. Let us take care of everything else.

We Understand Your Needs

You work in a fast-paced industry, and you need a commercial repair services team that can keep up. A broken seat means one less customer, and you don’t have time to wait when you need it repaired as soon as possible. With Restart Upholstery, you get fast responses, quick quotes, flexible design consultations, and high-quality results.

We know that customer service is a big part of your business, and we want to provide you with the same great service. We ensure that every client and project receives the same top-notch treatment and focus that you give your customers each day.


Your Commercial Furniture Solution


By consistently delivering on our promise of excellence, our team has developed positive relationships with restaurants in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. Check out our previous projects and see for yourself what a difference Restart Upholstery’s Restaurant Recovery Program can make for yours.


Join our growing list of satisfied clients. Reach out through our website or send us an email at for a free consultation.



When it comes to furniture recovery there may be a lot of expenses one of them is purchasing material. We are at RestArt Upholstery Winnipeg helping our customers to calculate an accurate amount of the material, vinyl/fabric needed to get your furniture repaired. 

Contact us today to book your free site visit for measuring and matching the colors of existing materials. 


Having an account with lots of upholstery fabric and vinyl leading suppliers in Winnipeg, Canada, and the US allow us to access any requested/required materials for furniture repair or recovery that was originally chosen by the designer.  With our accurate material calculation, we will make sure to order just enough to get the work done so you are not paying any extra.

Pick up , Delivery and INSTALL

Professional furniture upholstery and repair that's the most important part of the furniture recovery and furniture repair. We are at RestArt Upholstery Winnipeg carefully listening to the customer needs taking care of the benches, chairs, and booths that need to be recovered or repaired. Our experienced upholstery team will bring your furniture back to life will make it stand out, will make you and your customers enjoy it for more years because the furniture lives forever...




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Restart Upholstery is your solution for professional, quality, upholstery services done fast and done right. We service restaurants and businesses across Winnipeg.


We offer overnight upholstery services that help you bypass any inconveniences associated with your renovation projects. Closing early for commercial furniture repairs affects your bottom line, we can help you take care of your repairs while you continue with business as usual. We specialize in overnight projects and we guarantee completion before open the next day.


We also offer custom upholstery services and commercial furniture repair. We source materials from local Winnipeg suppliers and the US to match any style and colour for any furniture type in no time.

With over 10 years of experience in commercial and residential upholstery, we are your premier choice for furniture repair within Winnipeg.

Give us a call and see for yourself how easy it is to jumpstart your restaurant furniture repair with Restart Upholstery.



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